CaJohns Magma Hot Sauce

Mo Heat Level: 10

Magma Hot Sauce looks exactly like a lava lamp only the floating firey ingredient will burn hippie right out of your tongue! In a sea of heat rests Oleoresin of Capsicum, aka the fire!! When you tilt the bottle from side to side it looks like a retro lava lamp. Magma Hot Sauce is a great new sauce!!!

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Shipping Weight: 5 oz


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Magma is a must
Dec 5, 2019  |  By Darren
I'm die-hard spice fan. This hot oil is a MUST. Tangy with a good amount of heat. Great splashed in Ramen noodles for extra bang!

Damn Good Stuff!!!
Aug 19, 2020  |  By Darren Lee Goode
Magma is my favorite spicy additive to my Chinese dishes and ramen soup. Spicy and tangy. YUM!!

Can't live without my Magma
Dec 20, 2020  |  By Darren Goode
This is my absolute favorite hot sauce. My spicy soups cannot exist without it. Great heat and nice tangy zing.

Can't live without Magma
Mar 16, 2022  |  By Darren L Goode
This is the best spicy, tangy hot sauce I've found. Put it in almost everything!

Ingredients: Vinegar, Water, Salt, Oleoresin of Capsaicum.

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