All Three General's Grenade Hot Sauces


BEST SELLER! 1 Bottle of Dead Red, 1 Bottle of Danger Close and 1 Bottle of Shock & Awe hot sauce. All-natural, 100% Louisiana-grown peppers. Dead Red is a rich, medium-to-hot cayenne sauce, perfect on pizza, BBQ, Mexican food, or chicken dishes. Danger Close is a hotter, blended sauce; DC packs a strong cayenne flavor, but with a solid backdoor kicker of habanero heat. We think it's the PERFECT sauce for hot buffalo wings. Shock & Awe is not for the faint of heart--concentrated habanero heat balanced against an initially citrusy flavor, extremely hot. Use it in sauces or in chili, and BE CAREFUL.

At the General's Hot Sauces, they create jobs for veterans, and to donate a meaningful percentage of our profits back to organizations that support our troops, veterans and their families. It's not a promotion, it's not a temporary marketing program, it's not a division of the company. It IS the company.

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Friend loves this!
Feb 10, 2020  |  By Kathy
Bought as gift; he LOVED it and sent me photos of every use! Lots of flame emojis!

freat looking product
Apr 13, 2020  |  By Clifton L Brown
The set of Generals Grenades hot sauces arrived in perfect shape and in a timely mannre. I have added them to my collection of hot sauces and will never open them because that ruins the look of the displayed sauces.

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