Cajohns Black Mamba 16 Fatal Bite Hot Sauce

Mo Heat Level: 10

Black Mamba 16 Fatal Bite Hot Sauce does not discriminate, and it does not show mercy. Those that tangle with Black Mamba Sixteen are only left with one thing... REGRET.

SKU: 661

Shipping Weight: 2 oz


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Jun 4, 2023  |  By Amy Tice
holy hell sauce!!

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If the Mamba 6 Just isn't Hot Enough
Oct 5, 2023  |  By Crazyspicychef
I really like the Mamba 6. The 16 however, is a bit much. The sauce does taste good, for a quick second or two, before the shockwave of heat takes over your entire body. If you have a friend who says nobody makes wings hot enough, this is the sauce for them. A few drops will fire up a pot of chili or stew, along with giving it a little flavor in the process. Definitely not for dousing on a pizza, unless you are nuts like me.

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Ingredients: Chocolate Habanero Pepper Mash (Chocolate Habanero Peppers and Vinegar), Distilled Vinegar (12% Acidity), 16 Million Scoville Oleoresin Capsicum.

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