Butt Twister Butt-Blazin' Fire Sauce

Mo Heat Level: 7

Butt Twister hot sauce will create an F5 tornado in the your belly and create havoc on the way out!! This ain't Kansas and this ain't your average hot sauce.....guaranteed to rip you to shreds!

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Shipping Weight: 5 oz


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Nice Pepper Taste and Quick Heat
Apr 11, 2021  |  By Andre
Immediately tasting this sauce you get that nice pepper taste and quick heat. The heat doesn't last long unless you are continuously eating it. The pepper flavor itself is really good. This sauce is at least worth a try!

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Ingredients: Distilled Vinegar, Orange Habanero Pepper Mash (Orange Habanero Peppers, Salt), Water, Garlic Powder, Pure Cane Sugar, Habanero Powder, Xanthan Gum, Lemon Extract (Alcohol, Water and Oil of Lemon) ALL NATURAL: No MSG or Artificial Colors. No Preservatives

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