CaJohn's Reaper Sling Blade Hot Sauce

Mo Heat Level: 10

CaJohn's Reaper Sling Blade Hot Sauce is Ed Currie's Smokin Ed's Carolina Reaper is mixed with spices, lemon juice & tomato paste to form Sling Blade. This hot sauce is an absolute smoking hot time and you will wish the grim reaper was there instead of this sauce!

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Shipping Weight: 5 oz


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Hot and tasty
Nov 1, 2014  |  By Salsa Scott
Pretty warm sauce with a good taste- slight vinegary and sweet which balance out the heat. Definetly hot, but not nearly as bad as many others, though not for the salsa timid.

Very Nice!
Feb 3, 2015  |  By Lee
Has a bright tomato flavor with the tanginess of the vinegar and tartness of lemon. Spices are subtle and in the background. The heat builds up slowly but isn't overpowering. Extremely versatile sauce with nice flavor and burn.

Reaper Sling Blade
Oct 8, 2020  |  By Doug Heins
Aahh, nothing like a sauce that bites you just as much as you bite it. Burns so good....

Will definitely buy again
Oct 12, 2020  |  By Honor
Really hot but also manages to still have good flavor.

Ingredients: chile peppers (Carolina Reaper, Bhut Jolokia), apple cider vinegar, distilled vinegar, tomato paste, lemon juice, onion, garlic, salt, spices.

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