Heartbreaking Dawn's 1841 Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce

Mo Heat Level: 9

Heartbreaking Dawns focuses on both Flavor and Fire to bring you 1841 Ghost Pepper Sauce. This handcrafted hot sauce features the infamous Ghost Chile Pepper. This "superhot," also know as the Bhut Jolokia, comes alive amidst a blend of all-natural Pear and Apple. While 1841 Ghost Pepper Sauce brings a significant amount of heat Heartbreaking Dawns managed to create a blend that allows the subtle and sweet fruitiness of the Pears and Apples to tingle your tongue before that onset of true Jolokia Burn!

SKU: 0053

Shipping Weight: 5.0 oz

Ingredients: Pears, applesauce, cider vinegar, ghost peppers, water, onion, carrot, lime juice, sugar, sea salt, garlic, white pepper.

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