Lizano Salsa Hot Sauce

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Salsa Lizano or Lizano Hot Sauce is one of the most popular hot sauces or salsa sauces we carry. More people have asked us to find Salsa Lizano and carry Salsa Lizano than any other. That's why we are excited to announce that Salsa Lizano, imported from Costa Rica, is now available in the U.S. Those who have been lucky enough to visit Costa Rica know that Salsa Lizano is a fixture on most restaurant tables there. Sweet and spicy, with curry undertones, Salsa Lizano is good on just about anything.

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Apr 18, 2011  |  By Rob
If you have been to Costa then I do not need to say more!! If not, you need to try this!! Goes with so much!! Rice and bean's This is not a hot sauce!!! Lots of flavor

Terrific side sauce
Feb 20, 2012  |  By Norman
This is delicious, but not very hot. It's like Wocestershire with an attitude. Use it on anything instead of ketchup. Also great with chicken and fish. I first had this on vacation in Costa Rica (it's on every table in every eatery). I was thrilled to see it at MoHotta.

Lizano's the Best!
Mar 23, 2012  |  By Jean
I learned about Lizano sauce from a faculty member in the local biology department--everyone there brings it back when they visit Costa Rica. I was delighted to be able to get it from Mo Hotta. It may not be mo hotta, but it certainly is mo betta! Great as taco sauce, on eggs, in chili, the most useful condiment I've found.

Jan 2, 2013  |  By Brian L.
I'd give it a 10 if I could! The flavor is puzzling. I don't know how to describe it. I can say this. It is NOT a hot sauce. There is no mention of heat in the description because there's no heat in the bottle. They probably couldn't fit it in because of the tremendous flavors. That's fine with me. I love everything about this stuff. It seems to go with everything. I have shared with many friends and have yet to find someone who doesn't love it as much as me. Awesome!

Aug 21, 2013  |  By Chris
It replaces ketchup...go through a bottle every two weeks...burgers, dogs, one I have served this to has ever turned more down.

Mar 15, 2014  |  By Jean Wilson
ALL of your products are EXCELLANT!!!

Best all around sauce
Apr 4, 2014  |  By Jack
This is my favorite "go to" flavoring sauce. It is NOT hot. I would describe it as a sweet curry flavored steak sauce. I use it for chicken, pork, beef and soup, usually with some Lottie's Barbados sauce for a little heat.

Costa Rican fire
Jul 11, 2014  |  By Bryan
Seriously spicy! Adds massive and authentic flavor . A lil bit on tacos and you'd think you were south of the border

Loving It!
Dec 18, 2014  |  By Kim Williams
Very, very good, complex flavor without being super spicy hot - thank you for the recommendation, Mo Hotta!

Lizano for flavor
Dec 22, 2014  |  By Craig Rice
Used this sauce a lot years ago, but somehow fell out of the habit. Rediscovered recently and it's like reuniting with a best friend. Sauce is great on burritos, tacos, etc. and also makes a simple, tasty steak sauce too. Highly recommend.

This stuff is the best
Jan 2, 2018  |  By Grant
Whether your a tico, tica, or tourist, this stuff is a staple. Returning from my first trip to Costa Rica, I knew this stuff would be on my shelves. You can add this to anything. Not too spicy at all, and the flavor is phenomenal. Pura Vida

Spicy B
Mar 9, 2018  |  By Sal Garbozski
Very tasty sauce, it has like a taco seasoning flavor. Not really spicy but very good for adding some zip to your dip

Spicy B
Mar 9, 2018  |  By Sal Garbozski
Very tasty sauce, it has like a taco seasoning flavor. Not really spicy but very good for adding some zip to your dip

Lizano Sauce
Jul 20, 2018  |  By John D
Try it on eggs, omelets, frittatas. Addictive.

Jul 11, 2020  |  By Denee
Tasty, not much heat., good on many dishes. Even popular with the heat-averse members of household. Already had to order another bottle.

Ingredients: Water, Vinegar, Sugar, Salt, Vegetables, Molasses, Spices, Modified Corn Starch, and Hydrolyzed Protein.

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