Artifact SEVERE Burn 2 Million Scoville Pepper Extract

Mo Heat Level: 10+++

The Severe Burn Artifact contains pure 2 Million Scoville Pepper Extract (2,000,000 Scoville units). Each bottle is handcrafted in small batches and delivered to you in a deadly looking Glass Skull bottle. The Artifact Glass Skull bottle is then hand dipped and sealed in a SILVER Artisan Style Wax, no two bottles are alike! Proudly Made by Hand in U.S.A. Makes an Incredible Gift for that special Chili Head Collector!

SKU: 76

Shipping Weight: 1.7 oz


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Great sauce
Apr 18, 2018  |  By Jon Dozier
Love this good heat and still can taste

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Great for heat addition to most food
Jan 17, 2023  |  By Eric
Excellent if used for it's intended purpose, most will not consider this a delicious hot sauce and it's not intended to be, this can be used to add a specific heat level to a dish without adding a noticeable change in the dish's flavor. I added 7 drops to a sandwich sized plastic tub of salsa and it was perfect for me, wife couldn't eat it, it was quite hot. I just ordered another bottle. I wish Asian restaurants used this very stuff to creat a consistent heat profile. Instead of the #5 either being weak or inedible. Good stuff

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2 Million Scoville Chile Pepper Extract

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