Barons West Indian Hot Sauce

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A good friend of ours recently discovered this hot sauce while in St. Lucia on his honeymoon. He begged us to carry this wonderful blend of Scotch Bonnet Peppers, mustard and other treats. You will not find a table in St. Lucia without a bottle on it...find out why!



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Jul 6, 2011  |  By mike
I love this sauce. It gives you a good burn that you can Enjoy!! It's really tasti. I eat some everyday. your price is $2 less than what I buy for. Nice.

Baron's hot sauce, a noble burn...
Aug 29, 2011  |  By Neil Skeggs
My wife and I have been enjoying Baron's Hot Sauce for many years now. First enjoying this great flavored taste bud popper in St. Lucia, it has a nice knack of accompanying pretty much anything from a bacon breakfast to Pizza and Steak. We only get this hot sauce from Mo Hotta Mo Betta, and the service provided is exemplary. Two thumbs up!

Baron's West Indies
Dec 26, 2011  |  By Becky
I was buying some of my husband's favorite hot sauce, Lottie's and decided to see if therew as anything else made like it. Bought this one and he loves it almost as much as the Lottie's, so did everyone else that tried it on Christmas.

Worth it
Dec 28, 2011  |  By Amber
We already knew we loved this hot sauce discovered on an island vacation. It arrived promptly and was a great gift since it is not available for retail purchase in our area.

Very Good!
Jan 31, 2012  |  By Brian Hilory
The flavor and the heat are very well matched. This is a great sauce.

Jul 23, 2012  |  By Ross Minion
I love the hot sauce and the service. Everything came packaged very well, double packed to ensure nothing was damaged.

Barron's Hot Sauce
Sep 11, 2012  |  By patricia
So glad I can get this great hot sauce here. Barron's is the original Saint Lucia hot sauce brand. I have purchased several bottles from this vendor and plan on purchasing several more. It is the only hot sauce that I use. I love the flavor. Mo Hotta, Mo Betta is the best site to purchase this item. I've purchased from them on several occasions with no problems. Great service.

Barron's Hot Sauce
Sep 11, 2012  |  By patricia
I am a Saint Lucian and always ask friends to bring me this hot sauce back when they go home. This is the real thing!

Baron's West Indian Hot Sauce
Oct 13, 2012  |  By Gary
This sauce was MOST excellent! I was thrilled that there was NO garlic to RUIN the taste! Wonderful product!

Marie Sharp
Oct 17, 2012  |  By Anthony
Great on everything

Nov 2, 2012  |  By eric kamer
just the right amount of kick

Great Sauce
Jan 21, 2013  |  By Bob
We too had this first in St. Lucia. Found it at Mo Hotta Mo Betta and bought all they had some time ago. I got nervous when I ran low. No worries as it is back in stock! Great sauce!

Jul 10, 2013  |  By Bob Zirretta
Had a friend bring me two bottles of this nectar from an island of the tastiest sauces I've ever had.Both bottles gone....glad to see I can find it here.

Morning eye opener
Aug 1, 2013  |  By Carla
This is the ONLY hot sauce to use on eggs whether they're scrambled, omelet or even quiche. Got my whole family hooked on it. Try it, you'll love it!

Barons West Indian Sauce Rules
Aug 7, 2013  |  By Bob Mc
Have been a big fan of this sauce since tasting it in St. Lucia. Could only find it throug Mo Hotta Mo Betta and have turned so many more on to it since finding the definitive source of great products of this nature.

Aug 21, 2013  |  By Chris
The ultimate heat condiment for dogs and sausage....if you would use mustard, use this instead.

Barons, Bee Sting, Vidalia Peach, Frostbite, Marie
Sep 21, 2013  |  By Gary Azerier
All EXCELLENT! (I've had them before...and KEEP ordering these! Thanks, GA

So Good
Oct 20, 2013  |  By Bijan Anvar
Excellent selection of wonderful products and outstanding service. Thank you.

Barons West Indian Hot Sauce
Dec 5, 2013  |  By William Acuna
A piquant sauce, pleasantly pungent or tart in taste with a habanero/mustard powder combination that kicks. A little goes a long way!

Great hot sauce
Dec 25, 2013  |  By Christian Goddard
This is great West Indian hot sauce.

Barons peper sauce
Jan 5, 2014  |  By renee
Had this product in St Lucia. It is a favorite with the locals. You only need a couple of drops, so the bottle lasts a longtime. Excellent. I highly recommend trying it.

Apr 12, 2014  |  By Doug
one of my go to condiments

Spicy and luscious sauce
Jun 21, 2014  |  By Marta Trippe
Great sauce! Spices up my soups and vegetables with a delightful flavor!

Jun 21, 2014  |  By Kathleen
I felt like I was back in St Lucia....thanks!

Good Sauce
Jan 28, 2015  |  By Don
Good tasty sauce. Nice heat, not overwhelming.

Feb 2, 2015  |  By Tim
The best!!!!

Great Hot Sauce
Mar 8, 2015  |  By John Wetzel
First tasted this sauce in St. Lucia I like it as it adds zest but still allows the food to be tasted

Apr 24, 2015  |  By T WASHINGTON
I gave it to a relative and he says he really enjoy the taste and it was not too hot.

2nd greatest hot sauce if all time.
Sep 26, 2015  |  By Jason
My favorite Habanero based hot sauce ever was Inner Beauty. They haven't made that in years. This is complex in flavor highlighting the tropical fruit flavors of the Habanero, deep and complex flavor profile, and slow building burn. This is a good substitute for Inner Beauty.

Baron's West Is The Best
Apr 16, 2016  |  By Phillip R Bailey
Best Seafood hot sauce in the world, bar none!!!

Baron's West Indian Hot Sauce 5 oz
May 19, 2016  |  By Rick Teeter
first tried it in April 2016 while in St. Lucia. Love it on everything... gives stir fry that extra kick too!!!

Fit for a King
Jun 9, 2016  |  By BernieU
I discovered Baron's on a Caribbean dive trip. Buy it whenever Mo Hotta Mo Betta has it.

Red Baron
Jun 28, 2016  |  By Nick
Red Baron's or Lotties make the best spicy mustard for Cubanos. 1/4 Cup hot sauce, I bottle french's mustard

Great Stuff
Jun 29, 2016  |  By Kenneth Brown
Gotta Have it.

Aug 2, 2016  |  By jeff feyes
This is a great sauce....flavor, taste, nice heat... one of my favorites!!!

Aug 5, 2016  |  By jeff feyes
Bland, tasteless, zero heat!

My Favorite!
Aug 11, 2016  |  By Scott Lindsey
Found this sauce while vacationing in St. Lucia years ago. It is now my favorite. Glad i found it here!

Sep 17, 2016  |  By Phillip R Bailey
Best W.I. mustard based hot sauce, bar none! (IMHO!)

Love it!
Sep 24, 2016  |  By Desirae
Very good flavor! And perfect on the amount of heat. Great balance!

Awesome Caribbean hot sauce
Dec 5, 2016  |  By Dave Holt
One of my favorites since visiting St. Lucia on a cruise and discovering it. It has enough Heat with a bit of mustard and onion. YUMMY

Love it!
Dec 6, 2016  |  By Mike Mo
Forst had it at a place in St.Thomas that stuck their own label on it. Luckily the waitress told us what it really was lol!

Love this sauce!
Jun 24, 2017  |  By Melanie
Love this sauce! Brings back memories of time spent in the carribean. Only place I can find it is online.

Best Hot Sauce
Dec 4, 2017  |  By Caryn Whitehead
It's been a while since having Barons Hot Sauce took me right back to St. Lucia, glad I found MoHotta!!!

Baron Hot Sauce
Apr 1, 2018  |  By Andre
Love this product.

Excellent Sauce
Jan 1, 2020  |  By Brad Wright
Just like I remember from St, Lucia. Highly addictive! Works on anything except dessert,

My new Fav
Apr 11, 2020  |  By Chip Hughes
Awesome flavor!! Perfect level of heat.

May 6, 2020  |  By David Brunt
good stuff here..just like in Jamaica

Best Hot Sauce Ever
Sep 17, 2020  |  By Bradford Wright
I first tasted this sauce in St. Lucia, and have been hooked ever since. It has high, but reasonable heat and an unbelievably great flavor. It is similar to a Melinda's habanero sauce, but more intense flavor. The mustard powder does it. I put it on everything -- except pudding.

The Real Deal
Dec 16, 2020  |  By Rodney Turk
I first found this on a table at a Cuban restaurant in town. Perfect compliment to a Cuban sandwich. Looked all over for it and was so happy to find it here. Use it on everything! Brings flavor and heat. I have turned many friends and family on to this.

Ingredients: Water, Scotch Bonnett Peppers, Vinegar, salt, Mustard, Onion, Garlic

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