Bunsters Green and Gold Hot Sauce

Bunsters Green and Gold hot sauce

For 10 years Renae Bunster longed for a proper green sauce. Like the kind she had in Mexico all those years ago when she was first bitten by the hot sauce bug. Not too hot, not too tart and packed with real fresh ingredients. But no one in Australia had nailed the perfect green sauce, so Renae had to make one herself. Packed with green Jalapenos and gold Charapitas - which are the most expensive chilies in the world, this is the best green sauce you've ever tasted. In Mexico they call it 'Salsa Verde' (Green Sauce) and they smother it all over meat and nachos. With a mainstream heat of 8/10, in Australia we use it on eggs at brekky, meats at dinner and just about everything in between. It's our Green & Gold and it's Strayan' for Salsa Verde. Get it in ya.

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Unique & Awesome Everything Spice
Mar 17, 2024  |  By Jean Ford
Although the heat is an 8 and not as hot as I normally use, there is something unique & favorable about the two combined peppers that are used for this sauce. I've used it on sandwiches along with other condiment (it doesnt interfer with other flavors), addeded it to potato salad, and mixed it in with the yolk filling for deviled eggs. This sauce does not have a tart, vinegar base. It is a light oil base with a great flavor to add some spice to anything.

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