Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce Bundle


The Carolina Reaper pepper is the heavy weight champ of chile peppers, PERIOD!! It is the hottest pepper on the market and all four of these hot sauces are meaner than snake with his tail caught in a drain!! Holy moly, we can't stress this enough, these sauces don't play...they are hot....that is why we love them so much!! (Substitutions may occur due to product availability)

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Shipping Weight: 20 oz


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The Perfect Gift
Dec 28, 2018  |  By Tanya Cagle
This was the first time I ordered from this company. My package arrived on time for Christmas. My dad loves hot stuff so I'm always trying to find something he will love. I got him the Caroline Reaper Hot Sauces and the Hot Peanut Set. He loved it! The peanuts have heat and flavor which is hard to find. Good Job! I will definitely be ordering again!

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