Cheech Mojo Mango Habanero Hot Sauce

Mo Heat Level: 7

The Cheech makes a thick puree of fresh hand-picked mangoes then blends their sunny sweet flavor with fiery Habanero Chiles to create a delicious, tantalizing fruity sauce of medium heat that's magic with fish and fowl. The cheech Mango Habanero Hot Sauce is Watsappenin'.

SKU: 10238

Shipping Weight: 5 oz


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Not a 7 on hot but very flavorful.
Aug 6, 2017  |  By Stephen Peterson
I learned about this product from Firehouse subs. Very flavorful sauce but I think it's more like a 4 on heat level.

Very Tasty
May 7, 2018  |  By Larry Walker
I agree with a previous reviewer: extremely tasty sauce with great flavor, but definitely not a 7 on the heat scale...4 or 5 tops! I'd prefer a little less mango and a little more habanero!

Apr 25, 2019  |  By Blayke
DELICIOUS!!!! My #1 favorite hot sauce! Would recommend through and through! Wish I could buy a lifetime supply!

Cheesiest sauce
Oct 10, 2020  |  By Roman Michael Sieczko
Great hot sauce, put it in my soups,on potatoes, most anything.

Great taste
Oct 14, 2021  |  By bruce
If you like a little heat !

Nov 2, 2021  |  By Steve Weston
Excellent mango flavor. No, zero, zip, nada heat.

The Cheech
Dec 30, 2022  |  By Bradley Fox
Alright flavor not much heat

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