BBQ Sauce from Hell


Straight from the depths of hell, guaranteed to set your BBQ ablaze with flavor & heat!

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This is NOT HOT
Aug 15, 2020  |  By Mike Frizzi
This sauce is labeled as SAUCE FROM HELL. And THE WORLDS HOTTEST SAUCE. Its not even as spicy as Frank's Red Hot Sauce. Don't get me wrong, it does taste good, but it has absolutely zero heat. What a bizarre thing for a company to do. They are straight up lying about the heat in this product. I'm not some tough guy that needs an inferno to feel the heat. It's simply not in anyway spicy.

Spicy Is Good!
Jun 6, 2021  |  By Ron Kyes
This is good....If you're prone to heartburn, this isn't for you! I do like flavor with my sauce, not just hot! This also makes a great base if you add extra ingredients to your sauce. I have been using this HTH sauce for at least 10 years....always get it by the case. If you are BBQ'ing for a group, make sure they all know it's on the warm side or the food won't get eaten I promise you! Enjoy!!!

Tasty and sweet not hot
Aug 3, 2021  |  By Scott Hubbard
Very disappointment. Great flavor very sweet but not much spice at all. Even my wife really likes it and she does not eat anything spicy. Does taste good but had to give it 2 stars since it better be hot with that name.

Bbq sauce from hell
Mar 31, 2022  |  By Victor Ribaudo
The most tastiest bbq sauce I ever had. Grilled chicken breasts and pork chops oh so good!

Ingredients Water, Tomato Paste, Sugar, Molasses, Vinegar, Onion, Soy Sauce (Water, Wheat, Soy Beans, Salt), Green Chiles, Food Starch, Salt, Habanero Peppers, Garlic, Liquid Hickory Smoke, Natural Flavors and Spice.

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