Heartbreaking Dawn's Papa Boi Caribbean Scotch Bonnet Sauce

Mo Heat Level: Ingredients: Papaya, Distilled Vinegar, Red Scotch Bonnet Peppers, Water, Salt, Dry Mustard, Turmeric, Onion Powder, Granulated Garlic, Chives

Papa Boi is a true Caribbean Style Scotch Bonnet pepper sauce. With a bold papaya, onion and just a hint of mustard it is certain to accent all of your favorite dishes. This sauce is: All-Natural, Gluten Free and Vegan

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Shipping Weight: 5 oz


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Great discovery!
Jun 14, 2018  |  By Robert Adams
I'm so glad I choose to get this, it is a wonderful blast of deliciousness, it's not too hot but what heat it does have makes you want to chug this sauce from the bottle! Do they make this in gallon containers?

Caribbean heat in a bottle
Feb 7, 2020  |  By Timothy Riley
If you've ever had Caribbean food..... just imagine that in a bottle. The dry mustard, the papaya, the distinct taste of the Bonnet. it just good simple as that. Has a level of heat that all can appreciate it and it builds on itself, Make a Jerk Chicken dinner and everyone will love it, If your a chili head and it isn't hot enough just add more, you cant really over do it with this sauce the flavor is mellow enough that putting alot on wont be overpowering, but strong enough that you can still taste the flavor in small doses. I would rate the heat on its own as a 6 but when cooked on food it is mild enough people who are most sensitive can enjoy it without discomfort, but like with any bonnet sauce the more you eat the more it build so what will start off feeling like a 4 will end up feeling like a 7.


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