Hellfire Angry Orange Cherry Orange Reaper hot sauce


Hellfire has created a sauce with flavor to match that wonderful citrusy aroma released when you slice open a fresh superhot chile pepper. This sauce is sweet bright fresh and hot! Created with Carolina Reapers, Sweet Cherries, Oranges, Tangerines, Peaches, Pineapples, Apricots, Pears, Lemon, Lime and a touch of Pure Maple Syrup to create a flavorful masterpiece! The heat level on this sauce is an 8/10.

SKU: 740

Shipping Weight: 5 oz

Reaper Pepper Mash (Reaper Peppers, Vinegar), Sweet Cherries, Tangerine Puree (Tangerine Puree, Ascorbic Acid as antioxidant), Rice Vinegar, Pure Cane Sugar, Peach Puree, Pineapple, Apricot Puree, Orange Pulp, Pear Puree, Mandarin Oranges (Mandarin Oranges, Water, Sugar), Pure Maple Syrup, Orange Peel, Lemon Juice from concentrate, Lime Juice from concentrate

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