Mad Dog 357 Ghost Pepper Extract Tequila Edition

Mo Heat Level: 10+

Ready to add fire to your cocktails? Can't imagine a world where chilies and alcohol aren't the pairing of a lifetime? And what happens when Ghost Peppers marry tequila? The result is a potion so powerful that it can't be sold in a bottle bigger than 1 oz. Ghost Peppers are steeped in 80-proof tequila to create small, handcrafted batches of Mad Dog 357 Ghost Pepper Extract – Tequila Edition. This extract makes an incredible addition to chilies, soups, stir-fries and, of course, cocktails. It's so intense that the recipe took over two years of testing to perfect. And one drop of the Mad Dog 357 Ghost Pepper Extract – Tequila Edition is all you need to believe it. 1 fl oz with eye dropper.

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Shipping Weight: 1 oz


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Jun 22, 2017  |  By Phillip Patterson
The ghost pepper extract was everything I hoped it would be. Shipping time was good as well. Thanks.

Waste of Money
Nov 23, 2018  |  By White Rhino
Don't waste your money on this. My 10 year old daughter and 11 year old son ate several drops on their Thanksgiving dinner. True story!

May 23, 2020  |  By Danielle
Mad Dog 357 Ghost Pepper Tequila Extract isn't as hot as I thought it would be. The btu is very low. I had to pour the whole bottle in my chilli to even taste it. Other than it not being hot enough its a great product and the taste is amazing.

Ghost Pepper Extract
Jun 7, 2020  |  By Margaret McCanlas
Good flavor but really no heat to it.

Mad Dog 357 Ghost Pepper Extract Tequila Edition
Sep 25, 2022  |  By Billy BoB
Had it at a friend's place. Truly very little spice but the flavors great. Great for chimichangas and tacos

Ingredients: 80 proof salted tequila and ghost peppers.

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