Melinda's Hot Sauce Bundle


Melinda's Hot Sauce are made by people who know how to make the perfect combination of flavor and heat, and they do it well!! Whether you like it smoking hot (Naga Jolokia) or mild with a pop (Jalapeno), all seven of these hot sauces will have a secured spot in your culinary rotation. They are so good, which one will you choose? (Substitutions may occur based on product availability - Note: Amarillo is no longer available)

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The Perfect Product
Aug 14, 2019  |  By Melinda Monroe
I saw this item at a restaurant in Baton Rouge, LA. I thought it was an amazing product since my name is Melinda. I am planning on giving them as gifts.

Oct 4, 2019  |  By David
Can't go wrong with any Melinda's product. Heat and flavor. What more can you want?

Very good sauce!!!
Jun 28, 2021  |  By Ron Garcia
I used a quarter of a bottle of the garlic sauce in one sitting. And opened any of the others, and the original is okay I've had it before.

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