Murder Hornet's Buzz Sauce

Mo Heat Level: 4

Murder Hornet's Buzz Sauce is the newest thing to worry about in your life!! Just when you thought the world couldn't get any we have to worry about MURDER HORNETS. Freakin' MURDER HORNETS!! Now that we have been inside for weeks, the moment we walk outside, we have to be worried about MURDER HORNETS!!! Is this real life? If you are longing to have your tongue feel like a thousand Murder Hornet stings, pour this sauce on all your tacos, chicken or whatever you want to create a buzzzzz on!!! Enjoy and be safe!!!

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Shipping Weight: 5 oz


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Murder Hornet Has a Respectable Sting
Oct 22, 2020  |  By RadioGuy
I'm a long time chili head and former reviewer for a Caribbean hot sauce distributor. Bottom line - I've tasted more hot sauce than the average consumer. This sauce is rated as a Level 4. I would rate it a little higher. It's a thicker sauce (which tends to be hotter), and gives a surprise kick on the back end of the tongue. The aged red habanero peppers seperate this sauce from others of the same heat level. As someone who regularly enjoys Habanero-based sauces, this one has my respect.

Ingredients: Distilled Vinegar, Aged Red Habanero Peppers, Salt, Dehydrated Onions, Dehydrated Garlic, Gum Blend and Natural Flavors

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