Pain Is Good Hot Sauce Bundle


From Original Juan, the Pain Is Good Hot Sauce Bundle has the Garlic, Louisiana and Jamaican hot sauces!! All made with the finest ingredients available, Pain Is Good is right!! The delicious combination of heat and flavor will have you coming back for more!! The only problem will be choosing your favorite!!

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Lota selection
Aug 6, 2019  |  By Jeff
The Pain is good brand hot sauces are great, your prices are reasonable, Thanks I'll get in touch when I run low, my Fresno/ancho garden peppers ripen will b made into sauce

Dad loved them for Father's Day
Jun 26, 2020  |  By Candi Cater
We LOVE this bundle...every flavor is delicious & definitely hot like we were looking for. Better than anything we've tried!

Great Service.
Oct 13, 2020  |  By MICHAEL W GURVICH
These are favorites of ours. One of 3 bottles arrived broken. A replacement was sent right away. I am very happy and will order again.

Love them!
Jan 15, 2021  |  By Aaron
I can not begin to explain how good these sauces are! I had the Jamaican a few years back and glad I ordered this set. The garlic is just as hot, but just as tasty, as the Jamaican sauce. The Louisiana isnt as hot as the other two, but just as tasty. It's easy to use too much, because the flavor is that good! The amount in each bottle, for the price, is excellent. I'll be reordering this triple set again soon, along with the jalapeno and chipotle as i haven't tried those two. I'd give 5*, but the Jamaican and garlic are just slightly on "almost too hot" side. Otherwise, Pain Is Good is a win in flavor!

Where heat meets flavor
Apr 11, 2021  |  By Claude Camp
I'm just an old guy that loves honest heat, no pepper extracts, and lots of flavor. I was introduced 20 years ago to these 3 by the owner of a small hot sauce shop in Northern California. He said he'd only had one customer ever who sampled the 3 and didn't buy at least 1 of them. I noticed a review here that took off a star for too much Jamaican sauce heat. I'd give it 2 extra stars for that. Do you know how hard it is to get good heat AND great flavor? It's very rare. I gave a bottle of Jamaican to a neighbor and he told me a month later "You know, I thought I'd never again be able to say I'm in love. Well, I'm in love with that Jamaican sauce you gave me.". The reviewer that took off a star was right about one thing -- it IS hot. If you think that Tabasco is even a little hot, these 3 bottles will have you writhing in pain, but if you are used to a little more pain, you'll love the payback, and you'll be howling with delight. not for wimps. If you find it too hot, use less. It will last longer as a result. But enjoy the immense flavor.

Dec 12, 2021  |  By Salvador Gonzalez
I was excited to find this product so I ordered it but it didn't ship in a timely manner. Not sure what the shipping window is, but after two weeks I ended up canceling it.

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