Pappy's Hottest Ride In Town BBQ Sauce

Pappy's Hottest Ride In Town BBQ Sauce

Arguably the Hottest BARBECUE sauce on the market today, this sauce is considered a solid 10 on a heat scale of 0 -10. Keep in mind chile heads, this is NOT a hot sauce, I said BARBECUE SAUCE with all the heat most normal humans would ever consider ingesting at a sitting!! The difference between most shock hot sauces and Hottest Ride, is that we give you a great Barbecue flavor and then the most heat we can jam into the sauce to compliment your cookout.

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Hot BBQ Sauce
Aug 12, 2023  |  By Andre
I like the taste of this BBQ sauce but it is hot honestly. Consistency is comparable to Open Pit. I add some of this to other BBQ sauces to kick them up a notch.

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