Satan's Blood Hot Sauce Extract

Mo Heat Level: 10

Ok, as if the name of this additive isn't warning enough, straight from the depths of hell comes a smokin' hot additive. Let us warn you, this stuff is hot! This additive comes in a cool looking bottle that contains pure pepper extract that can turn a cookout into pure chaos! It is a one of a kind for all the collectors out there!

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Shipping Weight: 1.35 oz


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Respect the Heat!
Aug 8, 2014  |  By Mike
I put a couple drops on my finger tip to try. Well you could put a grenade in my mouth, pull the pin, and I wouldn't feel a thing. I've lost sight in one eye, and the world sounds like it is made of rushing water. Now time to make some salsa with this wonderful stuff.
Owner Response: Truly one of the best reviews we have ever read!! Nice job and thank you!!!

Hot stuff
Oct 10, 2014  |  By Lora
Just what my husband was looking for!!

Jun 17, 2015  |  By Jared
Hot as hell! Great for chili!

Dad Approved!
Jun 23, 2015  |  By Jenna
This came so well packaged! I've had other hot sauce deliveries arrive shattered and oozing, but this came SMOKING hot and perfectly intact! Not to mention I FINALLY forced my father to grab bread at water and cry mercy to a hot sauce. Wonderful success!

DAMN that's hot! !!
Dec 31, 2015  |  By James
Feels like somebody is barbecuing in my anus!!!! This stuff is awesome! !! :)

This will mess you up
Mar 16, 2017  |  By Noah Lanier
It has been over an hour since I had just a tiny bit of this sauce from a toothpick. You think you can handle it at first but oh no that changes. I was CRYING the heat was PULSATING and I downed 2 bottles of milk and was still in immense pain. Death lasted for 20 minutes easily, but it felt like an hour. 10/10 would recommend

Satan is SO good
Jun 30, 2017  |  By Brenda
My husband is crazy for anything hot. He uses this extract on everything... even though it's an extract he uses it on pot pie, tuna casserole, in his red beer... I put it in taco meat. Satan has a partner... my husband loves this stuff.

Burning Sense of Regret
Jan 17, 2018  |  By Charles
I'm fairly certain this summons angry gremlins with pitchforks to galavant around in your mouth once you eat it. Tried a dime-sized dollop, and it beat out my Capsaicin oil (1.2m Scov.)for duration and heat. Be wary, this stuff creeps, be sure to wash your hands before going to the bathroom, else you'll wind up with a burning sense of regret, if you catch my meaning. Trust me.

satan's blood
Sep 6, 2018  |  By frank marquez
stuff is great. also having lots of fun with the brave souls at work

Oct 19, 2018  |  By Michael D Willitts
Love it, love it, love it..

Face melting pain
Apr 6, 2019  |  By Mark
I thought my Dave's Ultimate Insanity Sauce was hot. It's like Cherry Kool-Aid compared to this stuff. They got the name right. I put a drop on my finger just to see what it was all about and that was the biggest mistake I've made in my entire life. I couldn't feel my face for about 3 hours. That was a week ago and my taste buds are still screwed up. You certainly don't want to make the mistake of just dumping some on your food and biting into it. It will mess you up. It has no discernible flavor that I'm aware of. And even if it did you would have to dig it out through the pain which would be impossible. I put some in my barbecue sauce for my ribs that I make in the crock pot. I put two drops in the whole thing. It made it so hot you couldn't enjoy eating it. That's why I love this stuff and I'm going to buy another bottle so I never run out. Because two is good for a lifetime I guarantee it. I love super hot food. This goes above and beyond. This will put the heat to anything you put it in so bad you can't even touch it. And just an FYI, after you put it on your finger to test it wash your hands fast. I wipe my finger on a wet paper towel thinking I got it clean but did not and itched my ear and set the side of my head on fire. Be warned. But enjoy.

Satan's blood is good
Feb 1, 2021  |  By Mitch R Meidinger
This stuff is great! Tastes and burns good. I add it to curry, or hot sauce and it is very nice.

Jul 4, 2021  |  By Wayne Bawden
I love this stuff made hotwings for work 1tbsp in my wing sauce I was the only one eating it hot so bad! I made seasoning salt 4drops per 2cups of salt mix with a fork until all salt changes color use sparingly! 4 drops to a full pot of chili just right

Mo Gotta Mo Needa
Jun 29, 2022  |  By Ronald L Schnurr
What an outstanding flavor, great job keep it up!

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