The Source Hot Sauce Extract

Mo Heat Level: 10
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WORLD'S HOTTEST !!! Holy Hell, this is the one! At 7,100,000 Scoville Units, The Source Hot Sauce Extract is the hottest we have ever seen, ever...and we have seen them all. Folks, this is no joke, this one could cost you a hospital visit if you are not careful. Use with extreme caution, this is a food additive only!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hell is an understatement
Mar 4, 2010  |  By Armando Quiros
Hotter than da bomb and obviously much scorching than ghost chili..."the source" is definitely the very source of hell. just one dab in your tongue and you have excrutiating pain for about 4 hours.

My God!
Jun 11, 2010  |  By Charles Spong
This stuff is approaching battery acid! A drop or two in the gallon size of baked beans will be painful!

Most Bad@$$ Hot Sauce
Nov 16, 2010  |  By David Weynberg
I've bought the lil sucka thinkin it was weak stuff....turns out....i LOVE the burn..tho it is Advised 2 use a gas mask if left open TOO LONG...and/or googles.

Super hot
Jan 13, 2011  |  By Victor
This hot sauce has been burning my stomach all day n night. It also made a guy throw up after 5 minutes.

The Source is no joke!!
May 23, 2011  |  By DavieJones
I took 3 drops of this stuff yesterday and it truly put my body through hell. My digestive system still feels weak because of it. The heat is extreme and very intense. Needless to say, I puked within minutes. Despite the ridiculous burning, I enjoyed the flavor of it. If you are looking for a certain "kick you in the ass" type of zing in your favorite dish, this is it. BUYER BEWARE! YOU MIGHT FALL IN LOVE WITH THE PAIN!

Jul 17, 2011  |  By Randall Calhoun
OMG!!! This stuff gives hot a new meaning. I took a 20 min challenge to see if I could last without anything to drink. Well I lasted but right after the 20 min it hit my stomach and tore it up, I puked twice and my stomach hurt like hell. Anyway I lived but there is no way I will try that straight again.

Use as an Additive only!!
Jul 18, 2011  |  By Johnny Peppers
Please only use this as an additve to a sauce (enchilada, chile, etc.) where you can thoroughly mix it in. I suggest starting with a lower extract and working your way up. 1MM Scovilles(e.g., Satan's Blood, Blairs 2 A.M.), then Mad Dog's "gun" extract series which covers 2MM, 3MM, 4MM and 5MM Scovilles, and finally this insane ADDITIVE. Get the flavor from your spices and the heat from these extracts.

The Source
Oct 18, 2011  |  By Joey Casey
My first 1 ounce bottle lasted almost 3 years. My second Bottle should last awhile. I have also gifted this product to several Happy Friends.

Real Deal
Feb 8, 2013  |  By Scott
This stuff is no joke. I tried a drop on a nugget and was by far the hottest thing I had. I put two drops in my sauce that made four pounds of wings, everyone said hottst thing they have ever tried.

Apr 23, 2013  |  By David Lee
Awesome power. Respect the sauce.

smooth and tasty
Jul 27, 2013  |  By Kevan
I had a thick drop on a cracker today. The heat is very smooth and even and long-lasting. I experienced none of the other effects people mention. No stomach upset, no puking. Hell, my eyes didn't even water. I got the great endorphin rush though. Good sauce.

holy shit is not the word
Aug 26, 2013  |  By faye
omg i tried a very very very little bit on the middle of my tongue this sunday at the hot sauce festival in austin tx. I am still feeling the affects of it in the back of my throat and in my chest. Dont ever put any of this anywhere except in your hot sauce or in food. You will regret it. lol. But needless to say this stuff is hot.

Hotter than he..
Jun 8, 2018  |  By Dennis Badgett
If you want your mouth to burn use this. It's pretty good

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