Tabasco Habanero Hot Pepper Sauce

Mo Heat Level: 7

Not content to sit back and let the habanero revolution pass them by, McIlhenny Co., the worlds most famous hot sauce manufacturer has developed a scathingly hot habanero sauce. Made from the worlds hottest pepper, the Red Savina, mango, banana, tamarind, papaya, ginger, and black pepper, "you'll love it so much you just might cry".

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Shipping Weight: 5 oz


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Tabasco Habanero Sauce
Jul 30, 2011  |  By Nancy West
Super hot! Good price. Thank you.

Another great sauce.
Aug 7, 2011  |  By RDWilliamson
This is another wonderful sauce from Tabasco. One of my favorites.

Off The Shelf hot sauce
Nov 14, 2011  |  By Norris Trimm
The only truly hot sauce I've found in all of the local grocery stores. Great aroma, hot enough for my taste buds.

Sep 18, 2012  |  By Tabatha
Very tasty

Good stuff
Dec 17, 2012  |  By Keith
This is a great hot sauce. Super flavor. I like to use it on sloppy joes and chili-cheese fries. Not terribly hot... just good habenero flavor.

Jan 25, 2014  |  By Nicholas Cuomo
My Favorite, has a lot of flavor with Fiery Heat.

Great Habanero Flavor
Jul 12, 2014  |  By Lugnut
I search for the tastiest Habanero sauces on the market and this one is up towards the top. I use this in my wing sauces and won't make a batch without it. They are very proud of it though, on the expensive side, considering. I always have two bottles in the pantry, and always will, could not live without it. Excellent heat range, especially for a name brand sauce.

Gotta have this one
Oct 27, 2019  |  By webekeit
Try this in your chili, on sloppy joes, and to add some kick to your chili-cheese fries. Really excellent.

Makes Any MRE taste awesome
Feb 7, 2020  |  By Timothy Riley
Nothing brings back memories like this sauce. Anyone in the military or prior service know the tiny tobasco bottles that come in the MRE and most guys had the guy in your unit that always had the bottle of hotter sauce. I was that guy lol, This was the easiest to find hot sauce that actually had a little bit of heat to it and just about every commissary would have a bottle or two in stock. Has a decent amount of heat and that classic flavor paired with it. goes good on just about everything

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