Wickles Pickles

Mo Heat Level: 4
  • Wickles Pickles
  • $7.50
  • Wickles Pickles Relish
  • $7.50
  • Wickles Pickles and Relish Combo
  • $14.25

From Alabama comes a jar of killer dills that will add flavorto your burger or sandwiches. These wickedly delicious pickles are soaked in garlic, peppers and other spices. Perfect for snacking! And now, we offer a larger, half gallon size for the Wickle Addict in you. New to Mo Hotta is the Wickles Relish. It is unreal on a hot dog and will make a chicken salad in to a real winner! MILD



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Wickles Pickles
Jul 30, 2011  |  By Barbara SmLLWOOD
Just the right amount of heat

Best ever pickles and pickle relish
Nov 15, 2011  |  By Sandra Mathews
Wish I could find this product regularly in Kansas stores. It is the best tasting pickle and pickle relish I have ever had. Thanks, Mo Hotta Mo Betta!!

Feb 19, 2012  |  By John Eberman
Wonderful sweet/sour pickles with a bite. Nice crunch, good with almost anything. These pickles are what Famous Daves want to be when they grow up!

wickles r best
Feb 19, 2013  |  By lesley milch
i love these wickles pickles.

Aug 20, 2013  |  By Sonia
Outstanding service great shipping excellent product

Wicked Pickles
Dec 16, 2014  |  By Kevin Koucic
They were absolutely delaciues.

Mar 2, 2016  |  By Gilbert Esquero
Pickle lover , are you looking for a fabulous richly favored exceptional to the taste with a hint of sweetness and mild heat cut to the perfect portion to enjoy the crispness of a pickle well, look no further try Wickles pickles they're good on sandwiches , hamburgers , chili dog and my favorite tamale topped with chili con carne , chopped onions and Wickles pickles hmmmm soooooo good enjoy

Aug 26, 2019  |  By Gary Stallings
Relish wasn't as hot as I had expected.

Not Dill Pickles
Apr 4, 2020  |  By Brian Lagler
These pickles are not dill pickles they are sweet pickles. They are also barely spicy at all

May 18, 2020  |  By Mary E Greene
The jalepeno relish and pickles are delicious! The hotter the better!

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