Yellow Belly Hot Sauce Sampler

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Our Yellow Belly Sauce Sampler includes our best selling Lottie's Yellow, a classic Inner Beauty and the new Baron's Bajan Style Hot Sauce. All three of these sauces are versatile and pleasing to all heat lover's. The flavor of the island, using scotch bonnets, is out of this world good!!! Now, you can enjoy all three hot sauces at a special price!! Honestly, this is our favorite sampler because it has all of our favorite hot sauces!! Enjoy!!

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Hot and delicious
Mar 9, 2021  |  By Julian C Grumley
I ordered the sampler as it contained my all time favorite sauce, Inner Beauty. I am looking forward to tasting and reviewing the other two sauces and I will reorder when I'm out. Great price, super fast shipping and an all round awesome experience.

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