Lottie's Original Barbados Red Hot Pepper Sauce

Mo Heat Level: 8

If we had a dollar for every time someone suggested we carry Lottie's Hot Pepper Sauce, we would've had enough money to fly to Barbados and bring it back by the case load. But, an importer has saved us the trip and Lottie's is now readily available right here in the USA. Lottie's Bajan-Cajun (red) Hot Pepper Sauce is a delightful combination of habaneros, onions and spices. The True Bajan (yellow) has mustard added for a traditional Caribbean taste. Both sauces are gold medal winners, and both have a nice, slow burn that adds a delicious touch of heat. From Barbados.

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The Best
Sep 4, 2011  |  By Mike
Awesome taste with a lot of bite. definitely recommend

Oct 23, 2011  |  By charles markun
Although the sauce is very tasty and has just the right amount of heat, the three times I have added it to my food i have developed a severe stomach ache. This never occurs with any other hot sauce.

Nov 12, 2011  |  By Georgia B.
My husband has been looking for this sauce for several years. He thinks it is the very best and he is so happy to have found it again.

Dec 31, 2011  |  By Ron Bacquet
Thanks for handling Lotties. I have been trying for several years to again buy it. I think that I purchased Lotties while in Charleston S.C.

Lottie Red Sauce
Jan 28, 2012  |  By Frank A Parks
I have many hot sauces. This is my favorite.

Lottie's Barbados Red
Feb 18, 2012  |  By Jim McNamara
I love hot sauce and even, grow my own Red Caribbean habaneros, and make my own hot sauce. I like the distinctive taste of scotch bonnet and habanero peppers and have tried many hot sauces made with them. If like me, you like the taste of these peppers, and are looking for a great hot sauce, look no further. You have found what you are looking for. All the rest are just that ... the rest. Lottie's is the BEST!!!

Great Stuff
Oct 13, 2012  |  By Mike
Pretty hot but with a great flavor. I have been buying Lotties for years. It's my favorite

Nice Surprise
Jan 15, 2013  |  By Lisa
A traditional hot sauce with an interesting finish! It's a good all around hot sauce!

Most excellent
Jan 28, 2014  |  By Gary
I bought this years ago while on vacation and thought I wouldn't see it again when it was gone. Thanks to MoHotta MoBetta I can enjoy it again. Strong and spick but not overpowering!

The Best
Apr 16, 2015  |  By mike
I have been enjoying Lotties Hot sauce for years. Recommended

something's different
Jul 3, 2015  |  By phil
I have loved Lottie's for years. It's clear that something has changed. There is a lot more vinegar in this latest batch which really detracts from the signature flavor. I'm hoping this is just batch variation and not the new norm.

An excellent sibling to Lottie's traditional yellow hot sauce.
Jul 23, 2015  |  By Tom Wilson
I bought a bottle of this sauce at a local shop because it was on the shelf next to Lottie's traditional yellow Barbados hot sauce which I fell in love with on a trip to the island. I now use this as much as Lottie's yellow. Pure pepper flavor with just a little vinegar tang, kind of like Frank's Hot Sauce on steroids. Excellent for "top note" heat when cooking or add zing at the table to Chinese takeout.

May 4, 2017  |  By Howard Baumann
One's choice of hot sauce is a very personal thing. Personally, my favorite by far is Lotties

Great product!
Jul 29, 2017  |  By Mark
Most hot sauces add heat without a great taste, or great taste without much heat. This offers both heat AND great taste.

So much flavor!!
Dec 29, 2019  |  By Michael Jordan
This is one of the best tasting hot sauces I've ever had! I will be buying it by the case. You can eat it by itself or mix with ketchup

My favorite
Aug 8, 2020  |  By Brent Jones
Both Baron's red and yellow (mustard) are my go to sauces. Hot, but not really all that hot and have a lot of taste. If you like vinegar type sauces Baron's red is the tops, the yellow is fantastic for a mustard sauce ... just depends on what you are looking for. Now sweet tasted here just peppers and vinegar and mustard in the case of the yellow sauce.

If I could only have one ....
Sep 1, 2020  |  By Brent
This is my go to vinegar based hab sauce ... Tom Wilson hit the nail on the head when he said it was Franks Red Hot on steroids. Its not very hot, but its hot enough to get your attention and has a big flavor punch. It does have a lot of vinegar, but that's what I am looking for in this particular type of product. I go through a bottle a week at the minimum and put it on just about everything. If I could only have one hot sauce this would be it, but ... who can live with just the hot sauce??

Has a kick
Dec 17, 2020  |  By John
This stuff goes on everything! It has a bite, but not enough to scare you off. I've had it on burgers, fish and steak never over powers always adds a bite.

Ingredients: habanero, water, vinegar, onion, salt, garlic, xanthan gum

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