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New Mexican

AS PEPPERS PROLIFERATE in supermarkets, gardens, and magazine recipes, a little guidance is necessary to help figure out which pepper is which and what to do with them. Our Pepper Profiles are not meant to be a definitive study on each pepper but rather a simple, easy to read thumb-nail sketch, including interesting facts and history of each pepper. We also provide a glossary of terms, a Pepperology relating to the subject of chiles,a history of peppers and also a listing of Peppered Products that are carried in the Mo Hotta-Mo Betta catalog that are made from each of the peppers. This section will be expanding over time, so if there are any particular peppers you think we should make a priority to profile, please let us know by writing to We welcome any comments or questions.

THANKS to the following books and writers who undoubtedly know their chile peppers. For further research on this subject we suggest you read any or all of these excellent sources of chile knowledge.

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Zingerman's News

January-February 1997
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