Cajun Power Garlic Hot Sauce

Mo Heat Level: 5

The real original Cajun tomato-based sauce is lip smackin' great and chock full of garlic. Cajun Power Garlic Hot Sauce is ready to use on everything, it's a barbeque sauce, a condiment, or merely an exotic ingredient in your favorite recipes. (We like it in seafood cocktail sauce.) Try some Cajun Power Garlic Hot Sauce and you'll be hooked.

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Shipping Weight: 8 oz


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Sep 17, 2012  |  By Mary
Not hot at all but adds GREAT flavor--really good in crockpot with beef or pork, and beans or lentils, or stew vegetables!! Can't beat it :)

Mar 15, 2014  |  By Richard Ormandy
Excellent garlic sauce..was looking for it in my markets for a long time.... found it on Mo Hotta Mo Betta...

Apr 27, 2014  |  By Richard Ormandy
Both the product and the service are excellent.

Dec 11, 2014  |  By Rick Ormandy
Really like this sauce, been using it for years.

Dec 22, 2014  |  By Ken
Just enough spice, but not too much so whole family enjoyed. Great with Shrimp, Rice and Peppers.

Dec 30, 2014  |  By PAUL O'MALLEY
Great on Creole!

Great Sauce
Jul 18, 2015  |  By joe hesselbrock
Excellent for marinating chicken & wings.

Great Product
Aug 1, 2015  |  By Richard Ormandy
I buy several bottles at once because it is not available where I live. I use a bottle every two to three weeks. Super great on food or even as a marinade.

Jan 3, 2016  |  By Richard Ormandy
This is a great sauce.... I have used it for many years.

Mar 11, 2016  |  By Richard Ormandy
This is a fantastic product and I use it as a condiment, marinade, in soups and barbeque sauce.

Jun 26, 2016  |  By Rick
Cajun Power Garlic Sauce is superb.

A staple
Feb 15, 2017  |  By scott
I have to have garlic hot sauce. Good stuff.

Apr 3, 2017  |  By Richard Ormandy
This sauce is the best... great on all sorts of foods

Jul 3, 2017  |  By Richard
Great products, great service and great prices.

Best Garlic sauce ever!!
May 25, 2018  |  By Mo
From the very 1st time I tasted this Cajun garlic sauce I've thought it was awesome! You can literally use it on fish or chicken or pork! It's wonderful!!!!! For the rest of my life this will be in my pantry.

Great product
Aug 13, 2019  |  By Richard Ormandy
I have been buying and using this product for years. My favorite sauce.

Great product
Aug 29, 2020  |  By Richard Ormandy
Cajun Garlic Sauce is awesome... I use it on many foods, and have used it for years.

Great product
Nov 28, 2020  |  By Richard Ormandy
This is a consistent, excellent sauce with great flavor, and can be used in a variety of recipes.

Ingredients: Vinegar, Garlic, Sugar, Spices, Salt, Cayenne Pepper, and Xanthan Gum.

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