Iguana En Fuego Ultra Hot Pepper Sauce

Mo Heat Level: 8

Iguana En Fuego Ultra Hot Pepper Sauce is searing blend takes it up several notches with a bit of hot pepper extract in the batch!

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Shipping Weight: 5.0 oz


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excellent heat notes
Apr 18, 2015  |  By Dale Dutcher
Smoky heat good Finnish peppery high notes

Apr 13, 2020  |  By Larry
A very special hot sauce, one of my top 3 or 4 for sure. Heat level is HIGH -- for chiliheads only, do NOT give this to family members or friends who aren't accustomed to the real deal or they (and you) will be miserable. There is some capsaicin extract but not a lot, so it's more of a heat enhancer than the main attraction like in some other extract sauces. If you seek the most brutal, painful possible experience, this will only partially deliver, because the focus here is on flavor, not capsaicin extract. It's like a 9.5 whereas you can find a few 10's on the heat scale if you look around, but most of those are basically bottles of capsaicin and taste like crap.. The flavor here is outstanding. Scotch Bonnet, pineapple and other fruits and herbs are listed in the ingredients, and it's a rather complex flavor profile, but mainly I get "high quality, fresh habanero sauce" out of it. I rate this one so highly because, at least for me, this is as far as the heat level can be taken before it ruins the food and turns the meal into a Scoville pissing contest rather than a dining experience. This one is right on the cusp but still squarely in "edible and usable" territory. A+. Be sure to wash your hands before scratching or adjusting the family jewels. I wish I'd thought of that beforehand, because it was brutal for quite a while. Wash hands with soap and water after handling this sauce. Yeah, it's that hot.

May 7, 2020  |  By Curtis Crampton
Great flavor and heat. Not for those with a lower or average heat tolerance.

Best All Around
Sep 10, 2021  |  By Nicholas Rush
HEAT and FLAVOR. I've been trying different hot sauces for decades, just to mix it up with the ol' granddaddy, Tabasco. Many are good, very good, but this is the first sauce I've found that that I also must have at the table. Every mealtime, it's Tabasco AND Iguana En Fuego.

Ingredients: Habanero peppers, water, cane vinegar, onion, pineapple, lime juice, pepper oleoresin, papaya, passion fruit, carrot, salt, onion powder, sugar, xanthan gum, garlic powder, and ascorbic acid (vitamin C).

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