Marie Sharp's Mild Habanero Pepper Sauce

Mo Heat Level: 5

Marie Sharp's Mild Habanero Pepper Sauce is a milder version of the famous fiery sauce line from Belize. This unique carrot-based blend achieves the perfect balance between flavor and heat.

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My favorite!
Feb 23, 2014  |  By Tom
This is more of a flavoring sauce. A bit of heat, a bit of sweetness from the carrots. I'm not a fan of vinegar based sauces since the vinegar can overwhelm the taste. This is good foe pizza, eggs, steak, nachos, anything.

Mild sauce. Very nice.
Dec 30, 2015  |  By Kim Bolls
Ordered after discovering M. Sharp while in Belize. Very, very nice. Compliments without overtaking flavors.

Go to hot sauce
Jul 6, 2016  |  By N Socha
Our son brought us bottles of Marie Sharp's hot sauce from Belize. It is a new fav! I don't use as much as family members but must have it -- for eggs, guacamole.... gives a subtle zing!

The best!
Jun 28, 2017  |  By Nancy Socha
Always order more before we run out!

Habanero starter kit
Sep 26, 2018  |  By Scott
"Mild" habanero is still quite hot. The balance tilts a bit toward heat, away from flavor, but good for a dash of zing on a chip.

Mo Sauce for me
Apr 20, 2020  |  By Don
All of the Maria Sharps are simply the best!

Great flavor
Feb 15, 2021  |  By Steven
I love this hot sauce I will keep this on hand

Marie's hot sauce mild habanero
Jun 27, 2021  |  By Steven
Great flavor with the right amount of heat goes good on everything

Ingredients: Select Red Habanero Peppers, Fresh Carrots, Onions, Lime Juice, Vinegar, Garlic, and Salt.

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