CaJohn's The Reaper Puree

Mo Heat Level: 10+

CaJohn's Reaper Puree is heat in its purest form!!! Made from the hottest pepper in the world, The Carolina Reaper, this puree is peppers and a little vinegar. It is great to add to whatever you want to set on fire. CaJohn's is known for its quality and flavor, so enjoy this puree today!!

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Shipping Weight: 2 oz


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The Reaper
Dec 10, 2016  |  By David Turner
Our group will be taste testing this hot sauce tonight. We will be recording it and doing a review on it as well. Once our YouTube channel is created we will be uploading the videos there for everyone to see. The url will be announced soon. David Turner Taste Test Dummies

Jan 2, 2018  |  By Nicole Strothers
Used this as a prank. Tricked the guy into thinkin he was trying sauce (half a teaspoon) and he was dyin. After he was able to speak I asked him how hot it was at first he said it was a 9 but then he was like nah I'm lying that was like an 11 ..he said that it did taste good though. Also, he is a spicy kinda guy so ill give it a 5

Aug 22, 2018  |  By Dorothy Roberts Harper

Not good
Jun 22, 2020  |  By Nathan
My 6 year old daughter thinks it's hot, but it's not by any real standards.

Ingredients: Reaper chiles, vinegar.

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