Crazy Jerry's Brain Damage Hot Sauce

Mo Heat Level: 10

They don't call him 'crazy' for nothing! Crazy Jerry's mind-blowing concoction comes topped with a florescent pink plastic brain. Of course, you don't need an extra brain to eat this sauce - just the contrary. As Jerry puts it, Brain Damage Hot Sauce is for "the kind of folks who get their kicks spittin' into the wind or arm rasslin' with big women." It's also for folks who like great flavor, lots of heat... and toy brains.

SKU: 2005

Shipping Weight: 5 oz


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Don't be fooled- Tough stuff
Jun 6, 2010  |  By C.T
This stuff is a strong sauce - great heat. You will be feeling it for some time afterward and if you are a casual spicy eater, this stuff will definitely make you reach for the bread or dairy. Love it though.

Don't let the little toy brain fool you...
Mar 17, 2012  |  By Joe
This one ain't for kids. Great flavor. I'll admit, it caught me off guard the first time, but now I'm running through bottles of this like crazy.

Love this stuff
Aug 10, 2012  |  By Brian
This one is one of my favorites! Slightly sweet and smoky, with a big kick! Don't let the 11,000 scovile rating think this is a wimpy sauce, this stuff is HOT.

Good for a rush!
Jan 5, 2013  |  By Russell Johnson
You can't always trust the Scoville ratings, but I think this one is pretty close. Maybe it's a little hotter. I like the taste and the heat is such that I can use it fairly liberally and get a burn without getting torched completely. If you're new to hot sauces then this one may be a little too hot for you...

Apr 27, 2018  |  By KATHY
I place my order and my order came within a few days thank you so very much will definitely order from you again

Crazy Jerry's Brain Damage
Sep 17, 2019  |  By John A
Possibly the best hot sauce available for the past 25 years. More than a name, the flavor is outstanding and includes some heat but not focused on it. I've been a customer to MHMB since the catalog days!

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