Endorphin Rush Hot Sauce

Mo Heat Level: 10

Some maniacal folks near Chicago decided, a few years, back that Dave's Insanity needed a little competition. The name for this sauce comes from the chemical endorphin. Naturally produced by the human brain to help relieve pain, it has the same effect as morphine. Endorphin Rush may give you that radical sensation, but then again, so will hitting your thumb with a hammer!

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Best pizza hot sauce!
Sep 14, 2012  |  By Peter
Best hot sauce for pizza. Love this stuff!

Very Good, VERY HOT!
Nov 8, 2012  |  By Jeremy
I don't know why, but this stuff is perfect on thin crust Pizza. It does have that slight extract flavor when tasting alone, but it goes away when added to food. Really did make my head feel a little loopy!

Endorphine Rush
Jul 10, 2013  |  By S
This title says it all! You get a wave a taste and then a wave of heat. Don't be fooled by the cute bottle- this sauce is mega hot and packs a death punch. So you only need a drop or two! I was actually very happy to find this stuff. I have not been able to find it in any Hot Sauce Shop in years.

Best Hot Sauce
Jan 15, 2015  |  By Julie Harrison
I fell in love with this hot sauce when I got it as a gift from my dad in Illinois (where the sauce is made). It has a great heat but has a bit of molasses to keep it in check. Very spicy! Love it on pizza!

Pleasantly Surprised
Feb 3, 2016  |  By Bethany Chambers
This sauce was hotter than I expected and had very good flavor. For the price, this is a great sauce.

Endorphin Rush
May 22, 2016  |  By paul
Have used this sauce with great success. Warning to newbies, it is VERY hot but boasts a lot of flavor. I have given samples ( read a half of a pinky thumbnail) to many of my employees and they've all responded positively once the heat dissipated. This is not for the faint of heart as the warning label indicates. Customer service from mohotta.com is exemplary and I have used them many times in the past ten years or so, ordering bottles of this stuff for me and my employees. Great job, Mo Hotta!!!

By no means the hottest....
Jan 1, 2018  |  By Brian W.
I received the "ENDORPHINE RUSH" sauce for Christmas 2017. I am an ancient EXTREME hot fan, so my comments should be taken in that context. The heat on the ER sauce I believe to be about like some of the early super hot sauces such as Dave' Insanity Sauce - about 50,000 SU ( Scoville units.) Tobasco is, I believe, about 2,500 SU. I am not sure because I don't start to register real heat until I get up into several 100,000 SU, and if I really need an endorphine rush, I go into the millions of SU. The heat on the ER sauce, I am sure, is quite adequate for anyone seeking to explore very, very hot sauce as a beginner, and I would suggest beginners be very careful. The flavor is fine, fairly typical for this kind of sauce, with the taste of the peppers and extracts coming very much forward. Here again, flavor is not too important to me because the endorphines produced quickly begin to be that with which one associates the flavor, so it is quite fine.... a basic hot, hot, hot pepper flavor, with some spices and other ingredients trying to keep up. This is by no means to hottest sauce I've had, but it is quite adequate to produce the endorphine effect and I am enjoying it immensely. I would recommend it to any hot sauce lover or beginner who is serious about expanding his or her horizons... just be careful.

Mar 31, 2020  |  By Richard Kinsey
I discovered Endorphin Rush about 20 years ago and I could barely use more than one drop. It has become my go-to hot sauce and I use a lot more of it now. Hot, but the flavor is great. The sweet goes perfect with smoked meat - especially pork.

Endorphin Rush = Good
May 5, 2020  |  By stanton loh
It's my go to hot sauce, nice flavor, good heat but not chemically so, not too vinegary.

Good stuff
May 5, 2020  |  By Greg Patton
This is pretty hot stuff. It will leave your tongue on fire for awhile, but I like it. The flavor is more than the heat it brings. I have been using it on nachos and burritos. I'll buy it again.

My go-to hot sauce
May 11, 2020  |  By Steve Litt
Endorphin Rush is a little hotter than medium hot, and it tastes good on everything. It's hot enough that I'm not tempted to mix in Da Bomb. Especially good with fried eggs.

Does Have Some Heat
Aug 7, 2020  |  By Andre
This is a good sauce that does have some heat. Although it's hot, it's not one of those overly hot sauces. There is a faint hint of sweetness in it that adds to the flavor and gives it that extra element in a small way. Endorphin Rush has become one of my go-to sauces. It's worth keeping a bottle at all times.

My search is finally over
Apr 2, 2021  |  By David
After trying probably a hundred different hot sauces over the years I finally found the one I'm going to stick with from now on! The flavor is amazing, slightly sweet and not even a hint of vinegar (I dislike vinegary sauces). It is not the hottest sauce I have tried, but the heat is well balanced and allows you to actually add enough sauce to food so you can enjoy the flavor. Highly recommend!

Jul 30, 2022  |  By Aaron
This sauce is great. I love mo hotta!!!

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