Spontaneous Combustion Hot Sauce

Mo Heat Level: 10

Spontaneous Combustion has been created for the true pyromaniac, the one who says nothing is too hot for me!! This gourmet hot sauce is made with the hottest habaneros and capsicum extract, be careful, it is extremely hot!!

SKU: 10222

Shipping Weight: 5 oz


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Great Heat, Great Flavor
Aug 5, 2012  |  By SpiceUmUp
This sauce packs a significant punch of heat. It doesn't quite live up tot eh packaging hyperbole but it is a seriously hot sauce. The best part of the sauce, and what for me separates it from many other seriously hot sauces, is that this one also packs an excellent flavor profile with the fruitiness of the habanero and the flavor of the garlic coming through.

bringing the heat
Jan 31, 2017  |  By vincent spakowski
good hot start, great flavor finish!

Personal Favorite
Aug 11, 2017  |  By Dean Phillips
I could live without this, but it deserves 5 stars. I''ve had a lot of hot sauces & I like this one because it has enough heat you don't have to use a lot & at the same time has a pleasant flavor.

THE Perfect Hot Sauce
Jul 29, 2020  |  By Lorraine McQueeney
Anyone who has been to Aruba and likes it HOT, knows that Madam Jeanette's Red is punishingly hot. However, what Spontaneous Combustion has, in addition to bringing the heat, is FLAVOR! I'm HOOKED! I've tried dozens of hot sauces over the past 20 years, and THIS is our GO TO HOT SAUCE! It's WICKEDLY DELICIOUS!!

good quality
Jan 16, 2022  |  By Ed
I have enjoyed this particular brand of hot sauce for a long time because it makes the food hot without changing the flavor, as other vinegar or garlic based hot sauces do. I usually get them from another website but they did not have them in stock at the time and then I found this one, which turned out great. they delivered the bottle (12 of them) as scheduled.

Ingredients: Water, Habanero Pepper, Vinegar, Capsicum Extract, Salt, Garlic, Spices, and Xanthan Gum.

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