Marie Sharp's Grapefruit Pulp Habanero Hot Sauce

Mo Heat Level: 8

Marie Sharp's Grapefruit Pulp Habanero Hot Sauce is the finest product of its kind. This unique grapefruit-based blend achieves the perfect balance between flavor and heat. Marie Sharp products the old-fashioned way: using the freshest vegetables and the finest ingredients. Her secret homemade recipe utilizes the potent red habanero pepper. Produced in Belize, her red habanero is considered to be the hottest variety of pepper known to man.

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Shipping Weight: 5 oz


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Unique flavor
Apr 9, 2016  |  By kevin eskelin
Just the right flavor and heat for cold cuts of pork tenderloin or chicken.

Marie Sharps
Jan 2, 2017  |  By John
The grapefruit is really good on fish tacos

Taking forever
Sep 11, 2018  |  By Jon G Kowalyshen
Order is taking forever to get here. Why? IDK?

Excellent hot sauce
Oct 27, 2019  |  By webekeit
Excellent flavor and heat. I can't eat a fish taco without this.

Ingredients: Select Yellow Habanero Peppers, Grapefruit Pulp, Onions, Key Lime Juice, Vinegar, Garlic, and Salt.

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