Bunsters Original Hot Sauce

Bunsters Original Hot Sauce

Funky Monkey Banana Rum Pepper Sauce

Mo Heat Level: 7

Blind Betty's Pineapple Pizzazz Hot Sauce

Mo Heat Level: 5

Bunsters Original recipe with hot heat to suit all chili lovers. The trademark sauce full of fruity, savory, salty and sweet notes. Birds eye peppers seamlessly melds with zesty oranges, rich tomatoes, sweet Goji berries and cheeky hints of garlic, onion, lime, ginger and fresh herbs to create a truly addictive sauce that complements any meal. A Scoville rating of 2000 means this sauce isn't extremely hot. Will suit most novice chilli fans. Warning: This product is addictive!

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Great hot sauce
Oct 26, 2023  |  By Nancie Phillips
This hot sauce is addictive. It has wonderful flavor. It's just a bit pricey.

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