Irish Scream Hot Sauce

Mo Heat Level: 7

Irish Scream Hot Sauce is the product of a rogue leprechaun that has created an elixir worthy of a pot of gold. Irish Scream hot sauce is a blend of peppers, honey, and a wee bit of Irish Whiskey sure to spice up Grandma's Irish Stew. It's no blarney you'll be screamin' for more!

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Shipping Weight: 5 oz


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Surprisingly Good
Mar 15, 2010  |  By Steel Tongue
With a cute name, I thought for sure the sauce would be junk, but the flavor is very good and the heat sneaks up on you!!

The absolute best ever.
Jun 21, 2019  |  By Dave Ganger
Discovered this stuff on the counter at a Firehouse Subs about 13 years ago now, many years and many sauces later this is still my absolute favorite. It's got the most perfect blend of fantastic flavor with a just enough of a kick to remind you that you're still kicking. I put this stuff on pretty much everything and it turns it right up to 11, my only single complaint is the size of the bottles meaning I run out far too quickly. 100/100 will buy and run out again... and again... and again.

Feb 7, 2021  |  By Billy
Really good

Apr 17, 2021  |  By Jeff Bousquet
We first bought a bottle of this sauce in February. After the first taste, it lasted about one week. Reordered 4 bottles and hopefully they'll last a bit longer. Great in stews, on eggs, on steak etc. this is just a really good hot sauce that isn't too hot.

Ingredients: Jalapenos, Red Wine Vinegar, Honey, Chile Peppers, Irish Whiskey, Salt, Brown Sugar.

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