El Yucateco Salsa Picante de Chile Habanero Red Hot Sauce-8 Oz.

Mo Heat Level: 8

Made from extra hot habanero chile peppers, the El Yucateco Red Hot Sauce from the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico is an absolute scorcher. 5,790° on the Scoville scale - El Yucateco's Red Habanero Hot Sauce is created with a blend of habanero peppers, red tomatoes, select spices and seasonings.

SKU: 1920

Shipping Weight: 8 oz


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May 13, 2011  |  By Jamie Wade
Awesome flavor and just the heat at an awesome price

El Yucateco Red
Apr 13, 2014  |  By Michael H
Great sauce to use liberally. If you decide to try, buy the 8 oz. bottle! ( Wish their Mayan sauce was sold in 8 oz. ) Love that sauce even more! Either, can't go wrong.

Sep 30, 2016  |  By Andrew Piotrowicz
I ordered four different sauces this time, all favored ones. And this one I ordered in two sizes, with the smaller for travel. You know how many restaurants with hot sauces have wimpy sauces like tabasco pepper-based. This is #2 in my favored list. I appreciate the right blend of peppers and spices, and no overpowering vinegary taste. Hot, tasty, yes!

Aug 10, 2019  |  By Mathew Codd
Came very quick love this in my marinades.

Ya Baby
May 1, 2020  |  By Marilyn Koprowski
this is the best hot sauce around

It's as good as they say
May 11, 2020  |  By Steve Litt
Very tasty sauce, works with almost any food. I've used a half a bottle in a week. This sauce is not hot, so it takes a lot. I'm considering mixing five drops of Da Bomb with my next bottle, to give it more heat.

Solid standby
Oct 19, 2020  |  By Brent
A tasty and solid favorite found in Mexican joints everywhere. Not too hot, but flavorful. I actually like vinegary sauces (this one is not), so I mix it half and half with rice vinegar and it tastes just like Lotties at half the price! It's thinner and pours better too .... LOL

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