ELijah's Xtreme Reaper Sauce

Mo Heat Level: 6

Elijah's Reaper Sauce is a Black Cherry - Cranberry fruit base hot sauce that combined with the Carolina Reaper Pepper (the Worlds Hottest Pepper!) and a splash of Kentucky Bourbon making it sweet and savory! Their Reaper Sauce will add a delicious balance of sweet and heat to anything! It's perfect on rice, sushi, chicken, pork, add to your BBQ, and even makes a great salad dressing! Oh yeah, for a icy, fiery treat… put it on your ice cream… They call that a cold chill with a hot flash! Simply Delicious. - See more at: https://hotsaucewillies.com/products/elijahs-xtreme-reaper-sauce?variant=20337985479#sthash.esU7nly9.dpuf

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Shipping Weight: 5 oz


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Jul 17, 2017  |  By Reed
Love this so hard I want to carry it around with me. Hot but perfectly cut by the sweet cherry.

Definitely worth having around!
Dec 10, 2017  |  By Jordan
The heat is noticeable, but it doesn't overwhelm you. The flavor profile is sweet and complex, and adds a great touch to anything you toss it into. I like adding a few drops to my chili to pack a punch.

Reaper sauce
Dec 27, 2017  |  By Donald Carrington
This product was advertised as extreme but the sauce was weaker then Texas Pete my kids ate this like it wasn't even hot I was very disappointed and this product and I would rate this product way below average

Amazing Sauce
Feb 7, 2020  |  By Timothy Riley
So this sauce holds a warm place in my heart. If you haven't read the story of ELijah's Xtreme you definitely should. This is the sauce that opened my eyes to spicy pancakes and ice cream. It isn't a overly hot sauce but the flavor.... The Black cherry and cranberry are sweet and savory with the warm oak bourbon aftertaste makes this sauce one that I will keep on hand at all times. Its a sauce a Chili-head can love and appreciate but not overpowering heat so someone who hasn't grown up on peppers can love. This sauce goes good on everything, from pancakes, to pork sliders, beef brisket, rotisserie chicken ect. I haven't found anything it isn't good on. My 9 year old daughter loves trying hotter and hotter sauces all because of the morning she tried this on her pancakes.

Ingredients: All Natural. Gluten Free. Vegan Fruit Blend Black Cherries, Cranberries, Carolina Reaper Peppers with Kentucky Bourbon.

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