PAIN 100% Hot Sauce

Mo Heat Level: 10

There are several levels of Pain. The painlevels are marked with the % of pain you experience. The higher the % the more pain and less flavor. Although there are chileheads that will argue, that the more the pain the better the flavor...we will let you decide!

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Delicious & Painful
Sep 19, 2011  |  By Jason
Really great and really hot and wonderful.

Great sauce
Nov 24, 2011  |  By Glenn Johnson
Good hot sauce, great taste

Hot Damn!
Jan 21, 2013  |  By Kier
Whoo!! Be prepared!

100% Pain
Dec 24, 2018  |  By Norman Powers
Great careful using it!

Apr 5, 2019  |  By Kevin R Corbin
not that hot and not that good. it had a short lived burn and there is a lack of flavor. you get a lot of metallic pepper taste with an unsatisfying burn

not that good
Feb 7, 2020  |  By Timothy Riley
Honestly I went into this really wanting to like it, i love habanero peppers and this seemed like a very simple sauce that would fill that niche when I'm craving Habanero, I was less than impressed. Dont get me wrong it isn't a bad tasting sauce it just isn't a good tasting one. As a chili head I see pain 100% i expect heat and wile it is a hot sauce it isn't as hot as you'd expect. Putting it on a loaded sandwich or something with a lot going on in terms of flavor its really not bad but when eating it on simpler things like wings or something similar it just just has an aftertaste that isn't the vinegar or habanero. The only way to explain it is pepper spray, extract sauces have a bitter taste to them, which is to be expected... but this isn't that... its more like a faint gasoline taste. When put on other foods that have lettuce or a bit of natural bitterness the aftertaste is all but gone and it's a good sauce. This is a hard review to write because I love most hot sauces and if you love habanero like I do you will like the sauce on some things, but if you plan on this hot sauce being the main flavor on what your eating things are going to get weird fast lol as far as heat level i would give it a 7 maybe an 8 if you drink it straight

Hot Pain!
Feb 6, 2021  |  By Kevin
Very tasty sauce, good flavor. Medium In thickness, dark bold red in color. Good habanero flavor with quite a kick!! Will definitely warm you up. Highly recommended sauce.

Jun 24, 2021  |  By Ana
Outstanding customer service. And great products

Ingredients: Habanero Peppers, Water, Natural Pepper Flavoring, Vinegar, and Spices.

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