Ring of Fire Original Habanero Hot Sauce

Mo Heat Level: 8

Habaneros, serranos, tomatoes and garlic make the red Southwestern style sauce a great find. The "X-tra Hot Reserve" won first prize in the Hot Sauce division at the 1996 Fiery Food Challenge in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The green "Tomachillo" sauce has a blend of tomatillos, pasilla and serrano chiles. The new Chipotle Garlic is an incredibly delicious blend of two great flavors. Makers Mike and Diane warn that their sauces are "hot enough to burn ya twice." And it burns, burns, burns... that ring of fire...

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Original Ring O Fire Sauce
Nov 18, 2012  |  By Craig
This is one of my sons and mine favorite sauces. We use it mainly as a steak sauce. MMMMMMM Great flavor. Not overpowering.

Best I've had so Far
Nov 23, 2013  |  By Stacey Cloud
my husband and I consider ourselves aficionados at hot sauce...this one takes the cake...it is flavorful, fresh and good on ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING.

Nov 12, 2014  |  By Ben
I absolutely love this sauce because it's perfectly balanced. A lot of sauces have one overpowering element (usually the acid) but this one gets everything just right.

Great All Around
May 13, 2015  |  By Jason Stoute
Excellent Flavor, Excellent Heat. Very well rounded in both departments and delicious with any type of food from Mexican to Cajun. Bottle is tall, so storing with the other sauces on a spice rack can be a challenge, but you can just leave it on the table until you've finished it off.

Nice Job Mo Hotta
Oct 15, 2015  |  By RBG34
Ring of Fire - best hot sauce around. Mo Hotta website is great. Good pricing, fast delivery, nice helpful people. This is the only place a purchase HOT Sauces. Only giving 4 stars because everyone needs room to improve.

Wing Master
Nov 24, 2015  |  By John McMenaman
Ring of Fire adds the most unique flavor and heat to your BBQ chicken wings

Jul 8, 2017  |  By Debra
3rd time ordering it, my husband can't live without it!

Absolute Best
Feb 6, 2018  |  By MaryAnn
Well balanced for cooking. I really can't live without this.

Mr George
Jan 2, 2019  |  By caleb eddy
the best sause ever

Our Absolute Favorite
Dec 18, 2019  |  By G Cramer
I've been using Ring of Fire hot sauce for almost 30 years! It's a staple that my kitchen will never be without. So delicious on just about everything. The heat and flavor are perfect ... for those who like it on the hot side.

May 10, 2020  |  By Connie Sutton
Love this. Add it to chili. The best!!

Perfect in every way
Sep 26, 2020  |  By Luther Martin
Simply the best all-around hot sauce out there. Buy it by the case to save on shipping.

LOVE Ring of Fire
Mar 28, 2021  |  By Valerie
There's a lovely heat to this sauce, but even better is the fabulous flavor the Ring of Fire (original) brings to everything. I love it in stews, casseroles, and even in mac & cheese! It's my #1 go-to to spice up any kind of food.

Best Hot Sauce I've found so far
Apr 30, 2022  |  By Logan K Cochran
I have tried hundreds upon hundreds of hotsauces, this one stands out from the crowd. I can't stop thinking about it. I want to put it on everything.

My Favorite Hot Sauce
Jan 19, 2023  |  By Marvin Cinnamon
The Ring of Fire Original Habanero Hot Sauce has been my favorite sauce since first tasting it in 1995! The perfect blend of heat and flavor. I ALWAYS have a bottle in the fridge. You can't go wrong with this awesome product.

Vinegar, Tomatoes, Onions, Habanero Chiles, Garlic, Serrano Chiles, Spices, Salt, and Sugar.

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